Music to God’s Ears

A few weeks ago, my little boy started saying “I love you” to my husband and me. It warms my heart every time I leave the house and hear him call out to me, “Bye, Mommy. I love you. Come back soon.” I love his good-night kisses and him saying “I love you” as we put him in bed.

A few nights ago, he was saying his nightly prayers with my husband and me. He ended his prayer with: “Good night. I love you, God. Amen.” Our hearts just soared. What a precious little boy we are raising. What a gift from God.

This all got me to thinking about how God is our ultimate parent. God gave us life. God is always with us. And most of all, God loves us. God patiently pours out his love upon us. He lets us make our many mistakes, and as any good parent, he wishes he could spare us the pain that we cause ourselves.

Yet, how often do we tell God that we love him? Many of our prayers are just a lot of gimmee, gimmee, gimmee. We often forget that prayer is a conversation with God. As in any good relationship, conversation is always both talking and listening. How often do we express our love and thanks to God? How often do we listen for God’s side of the conversation?

All parents love to hear their children say that they love them. They love when their children act the way they were taught to act. All parents love it when their children actually listen to them. How much more does our ultimate parent love it when we say we love him and show it with our actions? Every time we say “I love you” to God, it is music to his ears.


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