Getting Burned

A month ago, I was in Florida at the Evangelism and Church Growth Conference. One of the days I was there, we had a free afternoon. My roommate and I headed to the beach to enjoy the warm sun rays. Being in a rush to get to the beach, I did not take the time to put on my sunscreen in my room. Rather, I put it on at the beach. Needless to say, the sand helped me miss a spot on my ankle, where I received a burn. Even today, I still have a dark spot where I burned.

My impatience to get to the beach makes me think how we are often too impatient to wait on God’s timing. Instead of waiting for God, we take matters into our own hands, and when we do, we get burned. Instead of going down the path that God lays out for us, we use our free will to pick the path that sometimes leads to pain.

Thankfully, we do not have a God who sits back and says, “I told you so.” Instead, we have a loving God who is full of grace. The good news is that God makes good things come from our mistakes, if we return to waiting for God’s timing. Now, the path is different, but God has a new plan for us. To hear that plan, we need to pray. And remember, prayer includes listening, just like any conversation.

As for my dark spot, it will go away. It is starting to look lighter by the day. Soon, no one will know I missed a spot in my application of sunscreen in my rush to enjoy the beach (unless you have read this, of course). But I do have to say, I have learned my lesson.