Created to Be in Relationship

I just returned from the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network’s annual conference. While there, I had a great time catching up with many friends I have made over the years. The last evening, I had the privilege and great fun of sitting with two women whom I respect greatly and really like to be around. The three of us had a great time. The next morning, my two friends told me that they had both thought the other one seemed familiar. After a night’s rest, they both remembered where they knew each other from. Over thirty years ago, they had been in the same dorm clique in college. They had enjoyed each other’s company very much back then, and they found they still enjoy each other’s company.

This reminded me of a friend I met for lunch after General Assembly during the summer. My friend and I had been next door neighbors from when we were just babies and into our early toddlerhood. Somehow we remained friends over all the years through occasional letters and Christmas cards. We really enjoyed playing with each other as small children, and we enjoyed each other’s company when we met for lunch.

I am blessed with several very good friends like that. Even though I do not see them often, when we do get together, it is as though we have never been apart. It just seems that when you find true friends, you will like them and stand by them to the end. This is how God intends for our lives to be.

Our God is a God of relationship. God is in relationship within God’s self. We have a triune God, who exists in relationship. God is also in relationship with us. And God created us to be in relationship with one another. Friends make our lives more full, just as God intended.

I thank all of my friends for making my life so rich. You have all been with me through thick and thin. You held me up through my sorrows and encouraged me through my joys. You have laughed with me and cried with me. Thank you!